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Almost everything you've been taught isn't true. Scary, isn't it? Bitcoin opens up new perspectives and protects you.


Bitcoin is HOPE

Bitcoin ensures sovereignty and freedom for the individuals and allows you to save your purchasing power for the future. It separates the money from the state and represents an alternative to the existing monetary system.

It is a decentralized network of computers and a currency.  Owned by everyone and no one at the same time. Bitcoin is mathematics, always predictable and verifiable. It excludes the bad side of human nature.

Bitcoin is code. The code is 
speech. Bitcoin enables freedom of speech.

Bitcoin gives power back to the individual!

Work = Time

You get paid in exchange for your time.

How do you save your time now?

Probably in € or $.


Do you know that in less than 50 years the world's strongest currency has lost more than 85% of purchasing power?

By 2022, the $ has lost 87% of its value.


State money (also called FIAT) is designed to lose purchasing power every year.  Inflation is a hidden theft of your time by the state, which redistributes wealth from the poor to the rich through "printing" money.

A handful of people decide on printing money and devaluing or stealing your time. 

FIAT M2.png
Bitcoin inflation.png
Bitcoin krogi_EN.png

Bitcoin is:

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin and environment
Bitcoin mining is one of the cleanest industries in the world. It mainly uses the stranded electrical energy, which would otherwise be thrown away. Remember, energy is unlimited. It only changes the shape. There is no shortage of energy.

If we could trust the governments...
If we could trust banks...
If we could trust people...

...we wouldn't need Bitcoin. But we CAN'T.

That's why we need 
BITCOIN ! A digital asset that only belongs to you.



I have no clue what Bitcoin is

  • Inflation

  • Money

  • Fiat system

  • Time

  • Property

  • Energy

  • Why Bitcoin

  • Buying and storing

Would like to know more

  • Bitcoin as a network

  • Bitcoin as a payment system

  • Mining

  • Wallets

  • Key management

  • Storage

  • Succession

  • KYC vs. Non KYC


Tell me more about Hardware wallets 

  • Types of wallets and features

  • hardware wallets

  • setting up

  • backups and storage

  • where to buy and why

  • first transaction

I am interested in Bitcoin

Thank you!

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