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N26 bank

A completely digital bank that could replace your bank. Is it really so?


Why is it worth considering using N26 as at least a secondary bank, if not a primary?

  • free of charge;

  • simple user experience;

  • do everything through the mobile app;


N26 is in the first rowmobilebank founded in 2013 and entered the market in 2015. The company is founded in Germany and has a German banking license. Basically, N26 is a mobile bank that allows the user to perform all the services offered by the bank through an application on the phone. They do not have offices in the locations. It is available to users across Europe, and they are also expanding their business to other continents. Currently, their services are used by approximately 6 million users.



Since N26 is basically a mobile bank, of course the primary use is possible via a mobile application (Android, iOS). The application is very transparent and user-friendly. Despite the fact that the use is limited to a mobile phone, handling the application is quite simple from the user's point of view.

All those who prefer to use a computer for such tasks can also use the N26 via the web interface, which is also very transparent and simple. You will still only have to confirm entry and transactions via the app on your phone.

The user interface is in English, German, Spanish, French or Italian.

Can be used with Garmin Pay and Google Pay (if the card has a number that does not belong to the Slovenian number space)



Among the classic services offered by banks, with N26 you will be able to open a transaction account (IBAN), carry out payment transactions, make card payments, withdraw cash from an ATM and  establish a direct debit. There is also a form of saving (Spaces), but the one-time funds are not interest-bearing. When you open a user account, you are assigned a transaction account with the German code DE, and you also receive a debit card (Mastercard). The appearance of this card is something that attracts the attention of others. Well, maybe that's not even good :).



You will especially like this part. Using the N26 basic account is free. What does that mean? Opening a transaction account, issuing and using a debit Mastercard, monthly use of mobile and online banking, paying bills, a limited number of ATM withdrawals, all this is free. Yes, you read that right :). While your bank charges you monthly fees for keeping an account, using mobile, online banking, a fee for paying bills or separate transfers, in the form of monthly fees for the selected package or for an individual service, you can get this for free at N26.


Have you already calculated how many costs you have with your bank annually? Average approx100€ with average use of basic services. Why pay €100 when you can get all these services for free? Install the app, identify yourself and start using it.


How do I transfer money to my N26 account?

You can easily transfer money from another transaction account as a sepa transfer. Other options are via debit/credit card where you will not pay a fee for the first top-up of your N26 account. However, you will be charged a 3% commission for all subsequent top-ups. This is exactly the kind of fee you will pay if you top up your account via Google or Apple pay.

The source of top-up can also be the salary that you can receive on your N26 account. No commission, of course.


User packages

Currently available N26 basic account, N26 You and N26 Metal. You can read about the differences between them here.



Biometric authentication (fingerprint) is used to access the application and confirm transactions. We write in more detail about security elements and settingshere.


How do I open an account?

As simple and fast as possible according to the law. A visit to the bank is not necessary. Among other things, probably also because they don't have physical units :).Install the N26 app, complete the identification process and wait for confirmation. According to experience, you wait between a few minutes and a day for confirmation. More aboutopening an N26 account, read here. Once you open an account, you must report it to Furs within 8 days.


For whom is N26 suitable as a primary bank?

If you do not intend to take out a loan from the bank, then you can seriously consider using N26 as your primary bank. Read more on the pagePros and cons.

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