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Knowledge base - Crypto Basics

If you landed on this page, then you are interested in crypto. But as with anything you want to understand, there are no shortcuts. You yourself will have to gain knowledge about the technology of the future, which solves many problems of the existing system. Your time is limited, so use it to educate yourself about Bitcoin, which offers just that - saving your time.​


I suggest you start with the videos, articles, podcasts below.

3, 4, now!

  1. Bitcoin for beginners

  2. Bitcoin and the Bank (and all parts by A. Antonopolous - see below)

  3. Stories about money

  4. What is Bitcoin?

  5. Bitcoin Articles (Dergigi)

  6. Bitcoin and energy consumption

  7. Michael Saylor and Peter McCormack -part 1 inpart 2

  8. Podcast We study billionaires

  9. Free Bitcoin Basics Lecture

  10. Why bitcoin now

  11. Bitcoin Basics

  12. Nakamoto Institute

  13. Bitcoiner Guide

Youtube channels:

  1. Andreas A. Antonopolous (for starters, mainly his appearances at conferences)

  2. Robert Breedlove

  3. Swan Signal


  1. The Bitcoin standard

  2. Layered money

  3. The internet of money

  4. Mastering Bitcoin


  1. Robert Breedlove

  2. Bitcoin is Venice - Allen Farrington

  3. The bullish case for Bitcoin

  4. Bitcoin Magazine

  5. Jameson Lopp

  6. Dan Held



For in-depth knowledge, where technology meets philosophy, I suggest a series with 9 parts, which offers a general insight about the money and technology The Robert Breedlove Podcast with Michael Saylor (9 episodes)


To follow the news:

Swan Bitcoin is giving away the book Inventing bitcoin (author: Yan Pritzker), which you can download for free in various formats via this link.

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*The content is informative and does not constitute financial advice. Consult a financial professional for financial advice.

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