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Vivid Bank

Vividis a new German neo bank that competes with N26 and Revolut. It mainly attracts scashbackprogram that offers users up to 20% refunds.


Vivid banka is a completely digital bank, as it has no branches. Users have contact with the bank only through the mobile application, which is available for both major operating systems (iOS and Android).


Vivid money is a service of Vivid Bank, which uses a banking license also from the German Solaris Bank. There are funds in the accountprotectedbased on the German scheme for deposits up to EUR 100,000. The user receives a German transaction account and one or more cards.


User interface

The user interface is very transparent, simple, without unnecessary content. The user quickly finds himself in the menu the first time he contacts the application. You can choose a light or dark color scheme.


Processinstallation, creating a user account and the customer review process is the shortest and friendliest that we have tested so far.


The menu is divided into 5 parts:

  • Pockets - This is where your "pockets" and cards are located. You have several separate "pockets". The first one is the main one, the second one is for cashback, and you can create the rest as you like.

  • Timeline - Shows your payment-related activity.

  • Rewards - Here you can find everything about the cashback program.

  • Payments - Used to send money, top up an account or send a payment request.

  • Support - Help is available in the form of FAQs and via online chat.



You won't find any details on a physical Vivid card - no card number, expiry date or security number. You can only access them in the mobile application. You can lock/unlock the card in the app. You also have the option to set a monthly spending limit, disable ATM withdrawals or online shopping. You will receive a push message with each payment. 


Payment and cards

The card is issued with a German number, so it is one of the few in Slovenia that works with Google Pay. Soon it will also be possible to pay with Apple Pay.

In addition to card payments, it is also possible to pay by transferring funds to another IBAN account (SEPA transfer) or directly between Vivid users.


By opening an account, you get a free VISA debit card (made of metal - this Metal card), which you receive by mail.


In addition, you also receive a virtual Visa card for free. A virtual card is generally used for online payments.

You can only top up your Vivid account via SEPA funds transfer from another account or via another Vivid user account.

Vivid app.png


There are two packages available, namely basic and Prime. The basic package is free and covers most of the needs that the user needs when using the Vivid service as a secondary bank. With the basic package, cash withdrawals are free, but only up to EUR 200 per month, and at the same time, individual withdrawals are higher than EUR 50. Otherwise, you pay a 3% commission. Transfer of funds between EUR accounts is free (payment of direct debits...).


Check the package details and price listhere.


Cashback program

You receive cashback in a special pocket called Stock Rewards. To use the funds immediately, transfer them to your main pocket.


As long as you keep it in your Stock Rewards pocket, you choose one of the stocks on the list, for example Tesla or MasterCard. In effect, Vivid buys the stock of the selected company and as the stock price rises, so does your cashback. And most importantly, if the share price falls, your funds do not decrease and are worth at least as much as they were at the beginning


Application to FURS

The account is opened abroad, so it is necessary to register the account with FURS.

Download the Vivid appand test the competition of N26 and Revolut yourself. Take advantage of the cashback options it offers.

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