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Bitcoin ETF - DaKript 55


in the last weeks of the past year and the first weeks of the current one, at least in the traditional business and financial media, the topic of Bitcoin ETFs in the US has been highlighted. All the biggest asset managers (Blackrock, etc.) have taken a step closer to bitcoin. Not because they like him or understand him. They know that it is a new class of assets that can record great interest from investors in the near and distant future. Especially given the fact that traditional asset classes and their profitability are questionable in the future due to the collapsing dollar system. They do all this for fiat earnings. At least that's how it seems at first glance.

There may be an ulterior motive where operators would collect large amounts of bitcoin from the market, which would then be seized by the US government. Currently, there are said to be 3 million coins liquid in the market.

What do you need to know about bitcoin ETF?


A Bitcoin ETF is not Bitcoin. It's not yours! You can't reach him. It does not allow sovereign governance of bitcoin. It is purely a fiat product that milks investors with entry/exit and annual fees.



WE ARE BITCOIN - Andrej P. Škraba

Read a new interview in the Bitcoin smo mi series - this time with Andrej P. Škraba, bitcoiner and co-founder of the educational portal , which offers free math lessons. We also talked about AI, economic school, the importance of education, etc.



Breez published API documentation for integration solutions that connect Lightning and the fiat world. More

Nostr and useful links

Once more about what nostr is and links to useful programs, documentation, etc. The article was written a year ago, but still the point remains the same. Read it

EU with additional crypto regulation

Read what is at risk if there is no pressure from the users, us. Remember, regulation is the protection of monopolies and a departure from the free market. They will want to buy you again with the story that it is good for you.

GPT agents for Cybersecurity - Link

Email and name of Trezor users at risk

Hackers broke into the system of a company that provides user support for many companies, including Trezor, and appropriated the list of users (email, name/nickname). Read it

Villages in Malawi are mining bitcoin

Residents of parts of the impoverished country of Malawi finally have access to electricity, light and education. At the same time, they mine bitcoin. How?


Statement of the week

We successfully tamed inflation and limited it to 3 percent.

Note that if the price index goes down from 5% to 3%, it still means that the price index is cumulatively increasing (you have lower purchasing power). Only the rate of devaluation of your purchasing power is a little less.



TEST:    The best and most extensive test of machine wallets on the Slovenian market


We have tested hardware wallets from various manufacturers for you. Detailed descriptions with results can be viewed on the DaKript  page.



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