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As expected - DaKript 56


this time, bitcoin miners in the US are under attack. The EIA (Energy Information Administration) has called on all miners to submit comprehensive data on their activity. It is an extraordinary campaign that no industry remembers. It could interfere with their rights to privacy and freedom of action.

The Biden administration's targeted action against the bitcoin industry comes as no surprise. It is known that Biden (when he still knew himself) pledged allegiance to the globalists with the administration and is carrying out their plan. Under the pretext of ESG policy, it wants to disable the development and competitiveness of companies or the entire industry, since bitcoin threatens their existence. Why now and so quickly? The current group must do everything they can before saying goodbye to power to prevent the further development and growth of a parallel, work- and truth-based, open system that brings an alternative to people and cuts the wings of manipulation at all levels.

I suggest listening to this episode .



WE ARE BITCOIN - Marko Pavlović

Read the new interview in the Bitcoin is Us series. Many years of experience in the corporate world of wealth management and investment banking, data analysis, monitoring capital flows, geopolitical events and understanding the functioning of the existing financial system led Mark to bitcoin. He offered us his take on bitcoin from an investment advisor's perspective.


Another Lyn Alden masterpiece

Lyn Alden's article "Bitcoin Network Health" discusses the current state of the Bitcoin network and its overall health. The author analyzes various metrics to determine the strength and stability of the network. The article provides a comprehensive overview of the current state and highlights potential areas for improvement. More


Have you heard of Fedimint and how it relates to Bitcoin? Tony Giorgio explains his perspective on the new protocol and network. Fedimint

Own Bitcoin/Lightning Node

If you would like to become completely sovereign in the management of your bitcoin, then you should also think about your own node. Here you can find useful content.

What is the Elliptic Curve and why is it so important in Bitcoin?

One of the basics of Bitcoin you need to know. A simple explanation can be found here .

Decentralized radio

A podcast that offers you a wide range of information and knowledge that you can benefit from. Check


Do you realize how much data you send to Google, Apple, phone and application manufacturers, who use it for their own purposes and then resell it on the market? They know everything. Even what you don't know about yourself. Can you restrict the streaming of this information? You can. Check out GrapheneOS .

Historical temperature data

Definitely worth reviewing the trend and expanding your horizons. More


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Statement of the week

"The ultimate achievement of science is that it finally surrenders, that it comes to the realization that it cannot be the guiding principle for man. It is not human reason that is at the heart of the matter, but man as an individual who makes ethical and moral choices, man in relation to fellow man, man in relation to the unnameable, which, at the heart of things, speaks to him.”—





TEST:    The best and most comprehensive test of machine wallets on the Slovenian market


We have tested hardware wallets from different manufacturers for you. Detailed descriptions with results can be viewed on the DaKript  page.



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