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With the best of intentions - DaKript 52

Hello, they are slowly revealing their true purpose to us out loud. Of course wrapped in cellophane, which 90% of people are unable to remove. Christine Lagarde, ECB, has revealed to us for the second time in a short time the background of the eEuro project (or whatever they call it). First of all, she told us that eEuro is necessary to ensure the competitiveness of the euro monetary system and at the same time the implementation of new, more advanced technology that will be available to everyone . She assured us that we don't need to worry about privacy as it will be taken care of. A few days ago, a kind lady, convicted in connection with several hundred million transactions, explained that eEuro will be primarily intended for payments, not for saving . (one of the videos ) So, she revealed to us that eEuro will be a means of complete control of all citizens, which in connection with digital identity (another WEFa project) will be a tool of local and global government. In this way, censorship will be guaranteed, and your freedom will be further limited. You can forget about privacy. You will have to spend the money you earn, you will not be able to save. Spending will be guaranteed with the limited validity of the eEuro. The money in your wallet will simply disappear after x amount of time. This coincides nicely with a period of higher inflation and a high possibility of hyperinflation. They know it's coming, so they'll help you waste it all. Probably the next level of control will be the incompatibility of the eEuro with the existing euro, forcing us to use only the new version. And this step will exclude the possibility of using cash. Have you signed the initiative to include cash in the constitution? What I am writing is nothing new and bitcoiners have been talking about it for years (the cbdc project), but unfortunately most of my fiat colleagues still do not see it on the horizon, let alone foresee the consequences. The US has just announced that it plans to take on $1.6 trillion in additional debt over the next 6 months.

Everyone always has the opportunity to start using a monetary system with a fixed amount of units, verifiable at any time, independent of countries, without the possibility of censorship and under your control. And if you think that you will not be censored in one form or another, then you have no idea what is being prepared and what the globalists are ready to do. You can read their plans yourself. Each of us has the power to take the scissors and the canvas from the hands of globalists and corrupt governments and start shaping the future ourselves. No one will create it for you instead. Trust yourself.


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Speculative Attack An article from 2014 that is still relevant. I read it a few times a year. Do you know him ?

Mutiny Wallet A tutorial to help you use Lightning Wallet.

Anonymous SIM cards Lopp has prepared a list of solutions to ensure a higher level of privacy. This time he talked about SIM cards.

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The Big short Have you seen the movie? Even if you haven't. Read this .

The oldest football club in Bulgaria started accepting bitcoin Botev Plovdiv has enabled its fans to pay in bitcoin. Is it already accepted by any Slovenians?

The new version of Tor Version 13 is out. Ensure privacy. Use is free.


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TEST: The best and most extensive test of hardware wallets on the Slovenian market We have tested hardware wallets from various manufacturers for you. Detailed descriptions with results can be viewed on the DaKript page.

Thought of the week:

All you need to do is fight for your freedom and property rights. We will win.



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