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Bitcoin is us - DaKript 53

We are starting a series of interviews called Bitcoin is us . We will pester guests who are somehow related to Bitcoin with a series of questions that will shed light on their views on Bitcoin, economics, philosophy, etc. We believe that their opinions and experiences will be valuable to you as well.

Read the first interview - Guest: Aljaž Čeru


The US wants additional control and insight into the world of individuals

The U.S. Treasury Department is pushing for a massive expansion of warrantless surveillance and powers to crack down on open source software (a direct attack on freedom of speech and freedom of transaction). More

Apple is working with the government to monitor you

Apple has confirmed that governments are using push notifications to monitor users. Read it

Ledger sends your information to everyone who pays

Ledger Live tracks and sends all user information to an external data collection service. Are you aware of this? More

Ledger Connect Kit Exploited Vulnerability

Ledger with a new security incident. Read if you too have been a target.

The digital euro is coming

We urgently need it, say our people. They just don't say out loud what it is really being introduced for. Article

Will Montenegro be the next to mine bitcoin?

Samsom Mow and Prince Filip visited the Prime Minister of Montenegro, where they discussed the possibility of exploiting hydropower for bitcoin mining.More

How democratic governments censor information and suppress free speech

Read the article by Preston Pysh - Article .


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